Lisa’s Impossible List

This is totally cribbed from this blog:

But I think it’s a good list, so I’m making my own.


Last 5 completed goals

Finish graduate school

Get my car exhaust fixed 

Travel to Germany and Austria with Steve

Learn to paddleboard

Walk the dogs daily

Fitness and health goals

Join a new gym and get active again

Lose 50 lbs. and keep it off

Professional goals

Build freelance business (getting there!)

Start an online retail business

Teach history at the college level


Habit goals

Eat more healthy meals

Eat at home more often

Clean up after myself more often

Get up early even when not working


Creative goals

Write a history book

Write a second history book

Write a third history book

Write my memoirs

Write more blogs

Make a podcast

Become a travel writer (in progress!)

Skills goals

Learn more about Excel (how to make it do math so I don’t have to)

Learn how to edit video

Learn to make a podcast

Fun goals

Get back to waterskiing


Events to attend

Spoon in concert (again)

The National in concert (again)

The Who in concert (again, with Steve this time)

Travel goals



Austria (again — Vienna, more time in Salzburg, Innsbruck)

Germany (again, somewhere I haven’t been)





Czech Republic







(This list could go on forever)

Life goals

Finish a master’s degree

Sell my house

Buy a bigger house

Buy a newer car

Continue to strive to be a good, supportive partner to my life partner, Steve

Rescue more dogs

Reading goals

All the books I’ve bought and haven’t read yet (it’s a lot!)

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